Thursday, 26 January 2017

How Do You Buy The Most Appropriate and Transparent Financial Products?

Insurance agents, bank staff and financial advisers (IFA's) do not feature very highly on the most trusted list compared with other professions and as a result the process for buying financial products has changed dramatically. The majority of people now research directly on the internet and then decide how they wish to buy.

Technology has allowed FinTechs to build Robo advice models in response to concerns about the cost of using traditional financial advisers.

There Is Now A New Way Of Buying Financial Products
As a result of continued success in providing services to the public and financial advisory firms, the Just Service Group are currently launching a platform offering different options and practical information to help you research financial products. Initially we will be launching information on
1. Offshore Investment Property Opportunities (we have relationships with developers with property in London, the rest of UK and Australia)

2. Low Cost Regular Savings Plan Options where all initial commissions are waived and re-credited back into the plan (lower cost and transparent), compared with what is normally available in the market

3. Health Insurance for expatriates. We now have several options available both at an individual and group/company level (not available to Hong Kong residents)

4. Term Life Insurance. If you think you need it - we can give you the most appropriate and lowest cost options.

The Just Service Group ( and are a technology company providing digital solutions to both the public and financial advisory firms, with the objective of you being able to better understand what is happening with your money. Our mobile app allows you to look at all your products in one place, with regular updates.

The Just Service Group are very active on social media bringing topical articles to you every week. We are often asked if people can buy products or get advice from our company which is why we have chosen to write an article on some of the financial services we can provide.

If you would like more information either have a look at our websites or make contact with us directly through

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