Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Investing: Where to Start

The world of financial markets is complicated and putting your money into various financial products might be daunting. When weighing the best options, balancing risk and reward is key. Unfortunately, one cannot come without the other, which is why many find investing difficult.

While leaving your money in a bank may seem like the best option to some, that money you left in the bank is subject to degradation by the pairing forces of inflation and low rates. The amount of dollars in the account may stay close to the same, or even slightly increase, but the purchasing power of your money will have decreased. Investments in property require a large amount of initial capital and are illiquid. If you need that money for any reason, you have to scramble to sell (and you might not get the price you want).

Entrusting investment decisions to a fund manager is the most effective, yet stable method of growing your money. While individual stocks can yield high returns, they can also have devastating losses. Meanwhile, there are over 2000 SFC-authorised collective investment schemes available in Hong Kong. Both picking and keeping track of these options can take a lot of time. By allowing the analytical engines and support staff of financial advisory firms to assist you in picking a diverse set of funds, you can be confident in the health of your accounts, without having to stress about less significant financial decisions.

At Just Service, we offer a highly qualified team of advisers with access to many savings and investment plans from many different companies. They will help you keep track of your money. In addition, our proprietary Just Jenius mobile app allows you to easily understand what is happening with your money at all times.  For more information on the service offered by the Just Service Group go to or email us at

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